Fatih_Mogan_Gol_SiyahBeyaz_avatar01I’m Fatih Akin, i was born on 10 August 1984 at Istanbul. I spend most of my time in Ankara where i grew up. I worked on some project : 2008/2009 – Keloglan Project at Animax Studio 2008-2009 – Some project at TMC/DYM 2010/2012 – Dedekorkut Project at Mavi Ruya Studio. Mutlu Oyuncak Dukkani Project at Outline Studio 2014. Keloglan, Dedekorkut and Mutlu Oyuncak Dukkani were published in TRT Cocuk Channel. I use several professional shareware like 3D Studio Max, Mudbox, Photoshop where I have learned character’s modeling , drawing , texturing , rigging with CatRig. If you want I can add face panel to the CatRig. I’m happy to share with you all my work, my passion, my art. So if you want a quote, work with me or just take a coffee , contact me.